Since 1989 UniPure’s staff has designed, fabricated and started-up hundreds of metals removal systems. When clients were caught short-handed, UniPure even provided operators. UniPure’s staff is qualified to perform each and every task related to your water treatment needs.

You hire UniPure to ensure compliance. If you already know what you need, UniPure is ready to bid. If you don’t know where to start, UniPure provides the technical know-how and valuable hands-on experience to complement your EH&S staff or your consultant.

Our involvement in projects has been as diverse as the 40 industries we serve.

UniPure delivers:

  • Bench-Scale Treatability Testing
  • Pilot-Scale Testing
  • Design Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • System Start-Up

Bench-Scale Testing
UniPure performs bench-scale treatability tests to prove the proposed treatment process can comfortably achieve the effluent requirements and establishes the basis for a meaningful Process Guarantee.

Pilot-Scale Testing
Characteristics of industrial wastewater can vary significantly from day to day and even hour to hour. A pilot-scale test is often a worthwhile investment to determine if the proposed treatment system can accommodate all variations.

UniPure’s 4 gpm pilot units are compact treatment systems available to assist our clients with on-site testing. A unit can be installed and ready to operate the same day it is delivered.

Design Engineering
UniPure’s Engineers combine process chemistries and equipment specifications into mechanical, electrical and process drawings. Your project-specific UniPure Design Package will capture the applicable engineering disciplines in clear and concise deliverables.

Project Management
UniPure’s “internal ownership” program ensures the same engineering team involved with the generation of your proposal stays with the project thru system acceptance. UniPure’s Project Manager will oversee the deliverables from the applicable engineering disciplines to ensure the quality of the design package. He will direct procurement of the OEM equipment and oversee fabrication of UniPure components. We know consistency throughout the project is important to our clients. UniPure’s Project Manager embodies that role.

To better serve our clients UniPure offers installation services. UniPure’s construction team can perform any or all tasks related to off-loading, setting, piping, wiring, and mechanically commissioning the system.

System Start-Up
UniPure’s On-Site Engineer will start the chemical processes and oversee operations until the system is in steady-state. Once steady-state is achieved UniPure’s Engineer will begin training the permanent operators. Training will include classroom sessions, one-on-one operator coaching, review of start-up procedures, review of long-term shutdown procedures, review of normal maintenance activities, and trouble-shooting exercises.