An innovative Drop-In Clarifier allows UniPure to transform this mobile storage tank into a 200+ gpm Clarifier capable of reducing effluent TSS concentrations below 5 mg/l and providing unmatched solids storage capacity. This flexible combination serves construction dewatering, industrial wastewater, groundwater remediation, surface water pretreatment, stormwater treatment and site fun-off applications.

Feed Pump

An influent feed pump can be supplied with the unit, if needed.

Flocculation Module

If necessary, one of more flocculents can be added to streams containing very fine or slow settling solids. Our serpentine plug flow flocculator uses no moving parts or energy to combine the small suspended particles into larger, easier to settle floc.

UniPure Clarifier

UniPure’s compact inclined-plate settlers efficiently separate suspended solids. Our proven design distributes flow evenly to each settling plate and introduces the flow without disturbing the solids sliding off the plates. Clean water flows thru the adjustable weirs into the integrated effluent troughs. The individual settling plates can be installed or removed without tools and without interrupting the operation of the unit. UniPure’s Drop-In Clarifier is a stand-alone module that can be shipped inside the mobile tank or inserted on site. this feature also allows the unit to he removed for easier cleaning and storage.

Solids Collection

The design of the mobile tank allows the heavier solids to fall directly into the integrated solids storage compartment. The settled solids will be periodically pumped to the appropriate dewatering device. A solids transfer pump can be supplied with the unit, if needed.